Albanian janitor in Brussels wins 168 million euros

Albanian janitor in Brussels wins 168 million euros
17 October 2016

An Albanian janitor in Brussels last week won the Euro millions raffle - the largest prize in the history of Belgium – and did not come to work on 17 October, reports Le Soir.

According to the website the winning raffle makes 168 million Euros. This is the biggest prize in Belgium (the previous winning amount made 100 million euros). The name of the man will not be published for security reasons. It is known that he is of Albanian origin, a father of four, and about 45 years old. As he told about himself, he loves football, fish dishes, and movies of Robert De Niro. He has been purchasing lottery tickets for 10 years and plans to share a part of his raffle prize with the poor.

The raffle was held on 11 October. The colleagues of the raffle winner did not know if he quit his job or planed to return. The international raffle Euro millions was established in 2004. The tickets of the Euro millions are sold in nine European countries.

Source: Le Soir