Unstoppable 100-year-old works 6 days a week

Unstoppable 100-year-old works 6 days a week
by Alison Digan
October 20, 2015

BUFFALO, N.Y -- Felimina Rotundo works six days a week washing clothes at a local Laundromat, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, even at the age of 100.

Rotundo washes clothes and handles dry cleaning at the College Laundry Shoppe on Main Street in Buffalo. She works from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, and wouldn’t change a thing about it. She says that she likes being out and working because it “gives her something to do.”

Rotundo said that she hasn’t considered retirement. She says she doesn't think that "old people" should be sitting idle, and doing nothing, because that is a waste of time. So when would be an acceptable age to retire? According to her 75 would be a good age to retire, but only if health is an issue.

Felimina Rotundo (Photo: WGRZ)

Rotundo was born in 1915, and this past August she reached the century mark, and has been working for 85 years of her life. She has worked in the area for nearly 40 years. When she first started she only made about 25 cents for washes. Felimina Rotundo says she will be at the College Laundry Shoppe until she can’t walk anymore, and hopefully that won’t be anytime soon.

Source: WGRZ.