Most people in Greece say they recycle daily

Most people in Greece say they recycle daily
22 December 2014

(ANSAmed) - ATHENS - Greeks are embracing waste recycling, with the overwhelming majority saying it is part of their daily lives.

Kathimerini online reports quoting a survey carried out by Alco for the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO). A total of 96% said recycling was important to them, with 73% claiming to recycle every day, the poll showed. HERRCO's general manager, Yiannis Razis, attributed this diligence to now-ubiquitous recycling bins. "The blue bin is established, people recognize it," he said.

The positive response to the blue bin initiative has also helped Greece hit the EU target for recycling at least 60% of packaging, Razis said. He conceded that Greece still lags in recycling glass but the installation of special containers is expected to curb the problem.

Source: ANSAmed.